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Food Safety Knowledge Connect is envisaged to be an online knowledge resource center with published articles and information relevant to food safety. This newsletter is published monthly by Centre for One Health, Education, Advocacy, Research and Training (COHEART), Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Wayanad, Kerala, India- 673 576. We also envisage to provide access to free learning resources and to create a Food Safety knowledge hub for capacity building of food service establishments, food science students and other stake holders in food industry in order to respond to the complex food safety issues and challenges that affect emerging markets. We have a strong collaborating expert’s network across India, who can help you to address many of the complex food safety issues. The resources on this site are curated by experts in the field. The user will improve their core competencies by identifying the specific area the resource covers while trusting the quality of the content. This platform foresees continual improvement and adding additional features based on requirement of food safety stakeholders. The platform can readily accommodate any standardized content and competency framework. Food Safety Knowledge Connect is anticipated to be a vital set of resources to build capacity of global food professionals. We further aims to reduce the number of Indians getting sick from food poisoning by providing simple, easy to follow consumer information on the handling, storage and preparation of food in our e-resources.

The overall objective of Food Safety Knowledge Connect is to:

To deliver the most useful up-to-date information’s on food safety and public health

To promote the knowledge transfer within the food safety community giving due stress on production of safer food on a global basis

Capacity building of  individuals at all levels and in all sectors of the food supply

Education through students-scientist interfaces, career development and enhanced mobility for food safety professionals

Following modules are available in this web site

A. Categorized articles from experts

INDIAN FOOD INDUSTRY: Gives an insight of Indian food industry which has a tremendous potential for growth contributing to world food trade

FOODS OF ANIMAL ORIGIN: Resources on health and safety concern of dairy foods, meat, fish, egg and their value additions and other related publications.

FOODS OF PLANT ORIGIN: Information on benefits, hygiene and safety concerns of fruits and vegetables including their nutritive value, value additions and more.

FOOD HYGIENE AND SAFETY: Resources for farmers, processors, food business operators and students for ensuring safe food from farm to table

FOOD BORNE ILLNESS: Features the depth of food borne illness and how to protect the consumer from pathogenic microbe and chemical or natural toxins.

FOOD SPOILAGE AND PRESERVATION: Prevention of food spoilage and safe food preservation methods, tips and recommendations to be followed etc.

FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT:Expert information and programmes on management of food safety and food contamination control

FOOD REGULATION: Information that help you to understand the the legislation which regulates the production, trade and handling of food in India and World

FOOD TESTING AND ANALYSIS: Strategies and information sources for quality testing of foods through microbial, chemical and nutritional analysis

FOOD PROCESSING: What is new in food processing and information on safety during food processing day in, day out

B. Online training

This training courses offered by COHEART’s Food Safety Knowledge Connect is on SAFETY OF FOODS OF ANIMAL ORGIN (Training A) and FOOD SAFETY- SAFE PRACTICES AND PROCEDURE (Training B).  This course is ideal for individuals, food safety managers, and food business operators responsible for food safety. Upon completion of Training A, you will know the important factors that need to be considered for understanding safety of foods of animal origin as well as safe practices and procedures in handling milk and meat.  The videos developed for the purpose makes this understanding of hygienic practices simpler. Upon completion of Training A, you will understand the requirements needed in retaurants to ensure food to be served is good quality. You will also gain insights of the importance of controlling food product contamination that might affect the health of consumers. Topics will also cover the control and management protocols required to be taken in regard to pest control, prevention and monitoring.  Moreover, you will be able to describe safe practices in the food preparation area to avoid accidents, how to adopt practices for personal cleanliness for handling food .

C. Testing your knowledge through quiz

This quiz will test how much you know about the food world and about food safety issue. It’s basic and is divide into 3 levels, Level 1: For School Students , Level 2: For General public and kitchen workers and Level 3: For Professionals

D. Get access to our e- resources

Our e-resource comprises of various types of publication of relevant to food safety and public health and also has animated videos, leaflets and other resources

E. Also know who are our collaborators and contributors

The efforts for knowledge building throgh monthly articles are dedicated to the dynamic team of collaborators who are professionals or Scientist or faculties working in various institutes and universities of India. The list of can be found here

On this site you can:

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